NEASC Steering Committee

Team Visit ">
Teams Responsible for Description and Recommendations on Appraisal and documentation
Team 1,2,8 

1. Mission and Purpose
2. Planning and Evaluation
8. Educational Effectiveness
Co-chairs:  Bruce Baker and Pat Corbett Team: Lori Mancuso, Mary Churchman, Sara Tower, Debra Mattson, Catherine Ennis

Team 3, 7

3.Organization and Governance
7. Institutional Resources
Co-chairs:  Kathy Totten and Mike Gordon
Team:  Mary Rudis, Barry Spracklin, Joanne Berry, Deb Discher, Andrew Savage, Debbie Wood, Scott Hewitt, Becky Clerkin

Team 4 Standards
The Academic Program
Co-chairs:  Lisa McCurley and Randy Bolduc
Team: Dulcinea Kaufman, Peg MacGregor, Meg Prescott, Matthew James, Sandy Ho, Carrie Marchand, Carey Walker
Team 5,6 Standards
5. Students
6. Support for Teaching and Learning
Co-chairs:  Sharon Cronin and Emily Hinnov
Team:  Carol Despres, Sofia Wise, Renee Dodge, Cindy Walton, Kristin Whitney, Nancy Desotto.
Team 9 Standard
9. Integrity, Transparency ,  Public Disclosure
Co-chairs: Mike Fischer and Mike Harrison
Team:  Kelly McDonough, Mike Gordon, Dave Wilson, Rick Walters, Kim Williams, Brett Leclair, Tracy Young, Allyson Britton
Team Data Fran Chickering
Team Workroom Responsible for:  Electronic Workroom, Physical Workroom set up. Support with in text links to documentation 
Team of 4: Becky Clerkin, Anita French, Lee Kenyon, Mike McNeil
Visit Plan, logistics, and schedule 
Co-chairs: Dawn Comito and Joan Belladue


NEASC 2018 Steering Committee


Chair: Diane King, Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Paul Petritis, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Sarah Bedingfield, Vice President of Enrollment Services
Bruce Baker, Director of ATAC Rochester
Joan Belladue, Administrative Assistant to the President
Randy Bolduc, Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager
Fran Chickering, Institutional Researcher
Rebecca Clerkin, Library Director
Dawn Comito,  Professor; Department Chair Hospitality and Massage Therapy
Patricia Corbett, Professor; Department Chair Education and Social Sciences. 
Sharon Cronin,  Director of Center for Academic Planning and Support
Michael Fischer, Associate Vice President of Operations and Student Life
Anita French,  Professor, Program Coordinator Early Childhood Education
Michael Gordon, Professor; Program Coordinator Chemistry and Physics
Michael Harrison, Professor Information system Technologies
Emily Hinnov,  Professor English
Lee Kenyon, IT Helpdesk Coordinator
Lisa McCurley, Director of Nursing
Michael Mcneil,  Director of Creative Services and Information Technology
Kathleen Totten, Director of Community Education