NEASC Steering Committee

Team Visit

Responsible for Description and Recommendations on Appraisal and documentation

Team 1,2,8
1. Mission and Purpose
2. Planning and Evaluation
8. Educational Effectiveness
Co-chairs: Bruce Baker and Pat Corbett
Team: Lori Mancuso, Mary Churchman, Sara Tower, Debra Mattson, Catherine Ennis

Team 3, 7
3.Organization and Governance
7. Institutional Resources Human Financial Information Physical Technological
Co-chairs: Kathy Totten and Mike Gordon
Team: Mary Rudis, Barry Spracklin, Joanne Berry, Deb Discher, Andrew Savage, Debbie Wood, Scott Hewitt, Becky Clerkin

Team 4
Standards The Academic Program
Co-chairs: Lisa McCurley and Randy Bolduc
Team: Dulcinea Kaufman, Peg MacGregor, Meg Prescott, Matthew James, Sandy Ho, Carrie Marchand, Carey Walker

Team 5,6
5. Students
6. Support for Teaching and Learning
Co-chairs: Sharon Cronin and Emily Hinnov
Team: Carol Despres, Sofia Wise, Renee Dodge, Cindy Walton, Kristin Whitney, Nancy Desotto.

Team 9
9. Integrity, Transparency , Public Disclosure
Co-chairs: Mike Fischer and Mike Harrison
Team: Kelly McDonough, Mike Gordon, Dave Wilson, Rick Walters, Kim Williams, Brett Leclair, Tracy Young, Allyson Britton

Team Data
Fran Chickering

Team Workroom
Responsible for:
Electronic Workroom, Physical Workroom set up. Support with in text links to documentation
Team of 4:
Becky Clerkin, Anita French, Lee Kenyon, Mike McNeil

Visit Plan, Logistics, and Schedule
Co-chairs: Dawn Comito and Joan Belladue

NEASC 2018 Steering Committee

  • Chair: Diane King, Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Paul Petritis, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Sarah Bedingfield, Vice President of Enrollment Services
  • Bruce Baker, Director of ATAC Rochester
  • Joan Belladue, Administrative Assistant to the President
  • Randy Bolduc, Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager
  • Fran Chickering, Institutional Researcher
  • Rebecca Clerkin, Library Director
  • Dawn Comito, Professor; Department Chair Hospitality and Massage Therapy
  • Patricia Corbett, Professor; Department Chair Education and Social Sciences
  • Sharon Cronin, Director of Center for Academic Planning and Support
  • Michael Fischer, Associate Vice President of Operations and Student Life
  • Anita French, Professor, Program Coordinator Early Childhood Education
  • Michael Gordon, Professor; Program Coordinator Chemistry and Physics
  • Michael Harrison, Professor Information system Technologies
  • Emily Hinnov, Professor English
  • Lee Kenyon, IT Helpdesk Coordinator
  • Lisa McCurley, Director of Nursing
  • Michael McNeil, Coordinator of Campus Technology
  • Kathleen Totten, Director of Community Education