Manufacturing Programs

Utilize cutting-edge machinery and technology including computers, robotics and precision machines to create materials used to build bridges, aircraft parts, military equipment, surgical devices, and more.


A career in composites manufacturing can mean playing an integral part in creating many significant tools and innovations.

There are many aspects to producing composite materials and products. The process involves engineering and design, tooling design and fabrication, process development, manufacturing, quality control and project management. Working with such materials as carbon fibers, fiberglass and other composite materials, your training at Great Bay Community College can lead to careers in the following concentrations:

  • Paint operator
  • Weaving technician & preform finishing
  • Composites repair technology
  • Resin transfer molding concentration
  • High performance composites fabrication
  • Bonding/finishing operator
  • Quality inspector and coordinate measuring machine operator
  • Composites milling/CNC set-up operator

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