Promotions Team

Please take a moment to look over the Promotions Team. We are cross trained in many areas and our duties overlap, so please don't hesitate to contact us at with any questions. Thank you

Content Marketing/Public Relations

Lisa Proulx |

The mission of the College marketing department is to inform prospective students about the benefits of a GBCC education, build awareness of programs and initiatives, support enrollment activities and enhance the College’s overall public image.  Funds to support paid marketing efforts are limited but if you have suggestions on advertising or marketing strategies, please feel free to share.   

Content marketing and public relations is a no-cost effort and one of the most effective ways of promoting the College.  We encourage you to submit content or ideas that speak for example, to the preparedness of graduates for higher education and the workforce, our academic support, alignment with industry and vibrant student life and leadership programs  We can craft a release from the information or work on a release that you submit.  When submitting content for press releases consider:

  • What audience would benefit from this information?
  • Who would be appropriate to contact for additional comments?
  • What makes this story unique and newsworthy (vs. sounding like a promotion)
  • Specific details (ie: date, time location of event or who to contact for info)
  • Do you have images, photo, video to share?

Graphic Design

Josh Ketchen | 

Graphic Design is the development of iconography for your event, logo, advertisement and anything in between. It serves as an essential part in promotion and brings a sense familiarity to the masses. If you need something as simple as a letterhead or something as complex as a logo or banner, Graphic Design is the first step in creating a professional and noticeable entity for whatever you may need.

Social Media

Myra Warner |

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Great Bay Community College is active on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

When submitting content for social media, please consider the following:

  • Why is your promotion important to the GBCC community?
  • Does it encourage discussion?
  • Do you have any visuals?

Web Development

Myra Warner |

Mike McNeil |

Web Development covers the design, implementation, and updating of the College Website. When submitting web requests/updates please consider the following:

  • Is the content appropriate for the website or is it better served in another format? Blackboard, Email, PDF, etc...
  • Basic updates are done immediately, such as calendar dates, spelling errors, personnel changes, form/document uploads and content not needing design changes. 
  • Major updates require more time and usually require a meeting to discuss the details. Some of these updates would include page/section redesign, resource uploads, graphic design, promotional/landing page and forms.
  • Remember the website is not a "catch all" for college information.