Institutional Research Request Form

This is the place to request data from GBCC Institutional Research.
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IR Data Request Form

Basic Information
Data Collection
(Please give as much detail as possible. See questions below.)
Identify the time period you want your report to cover. Do you want one semester, multiple semesters, an academic year(s), etc.?
Do you want census data (the 4th week of term) or do you want end of term data?
Do you want simple counts or summaries in various categories (e.g. number and percent of developmental students for a specific term)?
Do you want duplicated or unduplicated numbers? For example, if you want the number of "female students taking a math course, by course, with subtotals", should the subtotal count each student only once(unduplicated across Math courses), or once for each course in which she is enrolled (duplicated across Math courses)?
Data Intention