Mission, Vision & Core Values


Great Bay Community College provides accessible, student-centered, quality higher education programs for a diverse population of students seeking career, degree or transfer opportunities. A strong commitment to lifelong learning is reflected in our policies, programs and activities. We will continue our strong tradition of providing education in the sciences, career and technical programs as well as in the liberal arts. We endeavor to promote economic development through community engagement and workforce development for the region.


The vision of Great Bay Community College is to build and sustain the best science, technology, career, and transfer oriented community college in New England. We will achieve this by becoming more innovative, entrepreneurial and collaborative as well as by being a strong resource for our service area; by maintaining our excellence in the liberal arts; by becoming more student centered; by retaining and graduating more of our students; by having more of our students transfer and enter high paying careers; by attracting faculty and staff who understand and are committed to our mission; by engaging with the community and incorporating more service learning and civic engagement activities into our curriculum; and by the use of data to become more productive and efficient in the use of our resources.

Core Values

Success for Our Students — This is paramount and foremost in our mission and will be achieved through our continual refinement and improvement in student services, advising, pedagogy, and outcomes assessment. We recognize that learning and student development occur in multiple contexts, and thus, we will provide a diverse and extensive array of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Students are treated with respect at all times, and we strive to respond to them in a timely, accurate, and complete fashion.

Teaching Excellence — We are a teaching college and take pride in this mission. Integrity in course content assures students of a high quality education that is recognized in transfer by other institutions of higher education as well as in the workplace. Highly qualified staff using traditional and innovative teaching methods, coupled with a strong student support system, provides a diverse student population the opportunity to reach their potential as learners and meet our high standards. Faculty scholarship and collaboration is valued; and leading edge information on teaching and learning as well as an adherence to industry needs keep our programming current and responsive. Teaching excellence is achieved through the hiring of good faculty and through a continual program of professional development.

Community Engagement — We understand that we are an important and integral part of the larger community. We strive to serve as a resource to further the needs and aspirations of the region's businesses and citizens. We encourage partnership and collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking to build bridges between our college and the community.

Workplace Culture — As a community we communicate, collaborate and plan to build and sustain the best organization possible. We are engaged in the life of The College and seek consensus on matters which impact our community. Our responsibilities are fulfilled with integrity and professionalism, and we respect all who enter our doors.

Citizenship and Civic Engagement — The College accepts its role in promoting engaged citizenship. We go further by recognizing the importance of tying classroom learning to civic engagement. We promote volunteerism and service learning as a way to integrate classroom learning with community issues.

Continuous Improvement — We recognize that as an organization we are always in a state of evolution. We strive to be the best we can be through reflection and critical evaluation. We recognize our short comings and take corrective action. We also celebrate our accomplishments.

Corporate Citizenship — We recognize that we have an impact on our environment, and pledge to be responsible corporate citizens by adopting practices that lead to a healthier community and work environment.

Code of Ethics

Our college policies, procedures, decisions and actions are based on the following ethical principles:

  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity