GBCC Students Participate in Fourth Annual S.H.O.W. Event

05/03/2016 by Lisa Proulx

PORTSMOUTH - On Monday, April 25 and Wednesday April 27th, students had the opportunity to show off their work during Great Bay Community College’s fourth annual S. H. O.W. (Students Highlighting Outstanding Work) event.  Described as a forum beyond the classroom, each year, the event allows students enrolled in a wide spectrum of programs to gain experience presenting their work to the public and college community.  For the first time, scholarships were awarded to those whose projects were judged among the best from the Project Poster and Multi Media categories.

Diane King, Center for Teacher and Learning Coordinator for Great Bay, has directed the S.H.O.W. program since 2013.  “Not only does the event showcase our students’ work quality” said King, “but those who elect to participate are stretched even further in their educational experience.   Developing brief presentations for the public is a step beyond the completion of the assignment that allows them to reflect on their work and practice presentation skills.  It’s professional development.”

Earlier this year, students were encouraged to submit long-term projects including research, art, graphic design, video or programming, or presentations that resulted in individual analysis, interpretation, or problem solving.  Projects involving an actual performance including music, or spoken word were also encouraged.  Presentations at S.H.O.W. this year represented both research requirements for specific courses and clinical rotation as well as internships and independent studies.

Four nursing students, Tiffany Sailor, Tess Nicholson, Sharon Martin and Jessica Thompson offered a presentation or their research for their Nursing Community Assessment project entitled “Country Care Plan for Prevention of Smoking.  Students Sheila Chase and Sandi Frechette, both enrolled in the Health Information Technologies program offered a presentation on Medication Reconciliation and Personal Health Records.   The project, an assignment for their Pharmacology class, required them to find a way to comply with a National Patient Safety Standard and determine a process for ensuring that a patient’s record was up to date by using a Personal Health Record (PHR).   “Through this project, I learned the full benefit of a PHR. I would love to work with them as part of my job.”  said Chase.

Biology students Jackie Covino and Mindy Prieur, offered a presentation on “The Response of Phytoplankton to Nonpoint Source Runoff in Great Bay.”  The poster was also presented by Covino at conferences sponsored by the New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biological Research Excellence (NH INBRE), and National Science Foundation-funded New Hampshire Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NH EPSCoR).  Both students are participating in NH INBRE and NH EPSCoR fellowships this summer to continue the research and collect samples adding to the data set.

In the category of Multi Media, Hospitality students Amanda Doyle and Matt Jayla displayed their work from a Customer Service class providing an overview of the re-noun hospitality training program, “Disney College.”  “Our video presentation provides insight into how Disney College trains their cast members to be the best they can” said Doyle, who upon graduating from GBCC is planning to pursue her Bachelor’s in hospitality.

Criminal Justice student Nichole Marrero also created a video using a GoPro camera and editing software.  The presentation depicts a montage of images of her experiences at Great Bay Community College over the past year.  “Nichole’s video” said Lee Kenyon, IT Helpdesk Coordinator and S.H.O.W. advisor at Great Bay, “is an example of really outstanding work from an art and technical perspective.”

“I’m not a good writer”, said Marrero, “so I decided to put a video together. As my semester is coming to an end, I can say that it was a great year and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m thankful for the new friends I met, the connections I made, and most importantly being part of the Women’s Basketball Team at Great Bay. As I look back, I cannot wait until September to do it all over again.”

On the second day of the S.H.O.W. students provided musical performances and read from personal essays and poetry.  Among the performers, student  Elias Roussos read an excerpt from his short story; “Casualty of Regularity” and Siobhan Slavin sang and played the guitar, performing original work.  Over the two days, student work from the College’s Digital Design and Arts classes was also on display throughout the College’s Gateway Gallery including paintings and drawings, color studies, 2-dimensional work, travel brochures and typography studies.