01/14/2016 by Shannon Reid

PORTSMOUTH — As the need for fiscal discipline in national policy intersects with other priorities such as rebuilding America’s infrastructure, what are the impacts of policy and spending decisions on America’s future?  Retired US Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell will offer their insights and prescriptions for a sound economic future.  Both are co-chairs of The Campaign to Fix the Debt, and they will be joined by private-sector leaders whose global business leadership includes a unique New Hampshire focus, in the latest in the Community College System of NH’s “Granite State Conversation” series focused on the major issues facing us today.  Rendell is also a co-founder of the bi-partisan “Building America’s Future” organization focused on investing in our nation’s infrastructure.

WHAT:  Fiscal Policy and Our Economic Future
WHEN:  January 25, 4:00-6:00 pm
WHERE:  Great Bay Community College, 320 Corporate Drive, Portsmouth NH


“The fiscal choices we make today and that will be made in the first budgets of the next administrations in Washington and Concord will shape the next century both within our national and state borders and in terms of America’s global leadership position,” said CCSNH Chancellor Ross Gittell, himself a noted economist.  “As NH’s community colleges explore topics central to our nation’s future, the perspectives on fiscal discipline, strengthening our infrastructure – including our educational infrastructure -  and supporting America’s ability to compete globally are central to our overall well-being and security.” 

The Community College System is pleased to host this timely conversation that will feature:

Judd Gregg, retired US Senator from New Hampshire;
Edward Rendell, former PA Governor and co-founder of “Building America’s Future”  
Kevin Davis,  CEO of Performance Sports Group Ltd;
Paul Montrone, CEO & Chairman of Perspecta Trust

“With this bipartisan public forum, the Community College System of New Hampshire is shedding light on a key challenge facing the next president: Our nation’s unsustainable budget policies. The projected growth of federal debt is a threat to the economic well-being of future generations and the next President, regardless of who that is or which party they represent, must be willing to lead the search for solutions.  I am proud to be part of this effort to engage the citizens of New Hampshire, particularly younger people who have the most at stake, in a dialogue about their future,” said Robert L. Bixby, executive director of The Concord Coalition, who will moderate the  discussion along with Chancellor Gittell.

Media is welcome to attend. 

Touching the Future: Presidential Primary 1916-2016 is a CCSNH series on civic engagement in American democracy.  This three-part series includes civics courses taught at New Hampshire's community colleges and high school dual enrollment programs, Presidential Candidate Forums hosted on CCSNH campuses, and Granite State Conversations with prominent thought leaders focusing on issues important to America's future.