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Being in a new country, a new city, a new culture can be overwhelming. Great Bay Community College can help you get acclimated to your new environment and help immerse you into our culture. Whether you need to brush up on your language skills or you are ready to jump right in, we have staff and services to support you.

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Becoming an International Student at Great Bay Community College is easy!

Great Bay Community College is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. High demand programs with limited enrollment may not be available to international students. We recommend confirming that the program is open to international students prior to applying. International applicants seeking a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) for F-1 status must submit the following documentation at least thirty days in advance of the beginning of a term in addition to the regular admission application process.

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  1. International students pay a non-refundable Admission Fee of $100.00
  2. Official secondary and post-secondary school transcripts, translated into English, listing all courses taken, grading system, and grades earned.
  3. Applicants whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and earn a paper-based score of 500 or better, a computerized test score of 173 or an Internet based score of 61 or better. If the student is currently in the United States, Accuplacer scores that are comparable to the TOEFL may be used to determine English proficiency. A student must score on the Accuplacer into the developmental English level. For information regarding the test contact: TOEFL, Educational Testing Service, Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541 USA, (609) 921-9000,
  4. Letter from the financial institution that holds the funds of the person financially responsible for the student's educational and living expenses. The statement must be on official letterhead, listing the sponsor's name and the amount of money available for the student. The document must be in English and if the currency held is not in US dollars the exchange rate must be listed.
  5. Affidavit or letter of support from the person who will be financially responsible for the student. This letter should include the student's name and his/her intent to attend Great Bay Community College, as well as the amount of money available for the student's education and living expenses. The letter must be signed by the sponsor and must be in English.
  6. The student must submit copies of current passport and immigration documents including Visa and Duration of Status (D/S) stamp on I-20. We will also need his/her address in the country that (s)he plans to return to once (s)he graduates from this College.
  7. Applicants (or their spouses) must have enough money available in an account to cover a minimum of one year of expenses that include: out-of-state tuition, fees, living expenses, and books. All of the above documentation must be submitted and the student offered admission before a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) for an F-1 Visa will be issued. All F-1 students must be full-time (12 credit hours or more) each semester (except summer) in order to maintain their visa status. International students must meet with the Diversity Programming Coordinator upon arrival in the Center for Academic Planning and Support (CAPS).
  8. International students throughout their Duration Status are not eligible for in-state or New England Regional tuition rates for day courses at any time while enrolled.
  9. Health care in the United States is expensive; international students are strongly encouraged to maintain adequate health insurance coverage during their studies. Information on health insurance is available through the Diversity Programming Coordinator.
  10. Once we have received all of the necessary documentation we will process your application.

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