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Exhibit Runs: December 4th 2017 - March 23rd 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, February 22nd 5-7pm

Artist Kate Higley exhibiting at Great Bay Community College Gateway Gallery  Portsmouth

picture of ocean

Higley, whose work has been seen around New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the last few years, has an oeuvre that springs forth from the biological.  She taught and studied biology as well as printmaking and painting earning a multi-disciplinary Master’s Degree in the early nineties at Wesleyan University.  This unusual combination continues to be the main source of influence for her work to this day. 

At home in an arena of flagrant color, her acrylics on canvas exude an almost frightening abandon.  From cell-like structures and highly imagined subcellular forms, to fleshy pulsating muscle and organ shapes, Higley’s work moves back and forth from the macro to the micro.  The work displays significant movement even as the compositions squeeze the picture plane. The viewer is left to consider what sorts of activities are taking place in what seems to be an aqueous spatial environment beyond the snapshot of the work itself.    The ambiguity of large works of magnified small structures is one aspect of the work seen here.  In the few smaller acrylics and monotypes, we see the biological forms alive in a less limiting perspective, placing them into a more manageable, yet equally mysterious world.


During a twelve year stint teaching painting, drawing, and printmaking in in Washington, DC, her work was widely exhibited with shows at the National Institutes of Health, Georgetown Hospital, VisArts, Spectrum Center and the Yellow Barn Gallery.   She participated in the Corcoran College of Art print portfolios and that work is now owned by National Gallery of Art since the Corcoran Gallery of Art closure in 2015.

Kate Higley’s work will be on exhibit from December 4, 2017 through March 23, 2018. Please join us at the artist’s reception on February 22, 2018 from 5-7 PM. Light refreshments will be provided by the Green Bean.

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