Student Success Center

Role of the Great Bay Community College Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is more than just a building.  It houses a variety of intentionally designed programs and services which are central to the mission of Great Bay Community College.  Perhaps most importantly it promotes student success by engaging students in the life of the College and by integrating curricular and co-curricular programs.  Personal growth and development is promoted through a comprehensive collection of recreational, educational, personal, career, social, cultural and athletic programs.  Students will also develop “soft-skills” through participation in leadership development, civic engagement, student employment, and student governance programs.

In all of these endeavors there exists an unwavering focus on community; a diverse collection of faculty, staff, students, alumni and guests who come together to achieve the College’s mission.  Welcoming and accessible spaces encourage community members to gather and socialize in a relaxed environment.  In addition, the Center serves as an important resource to our local and regional community.  We encourage community members and organizations to view the Center as a resource where they can pursue their own objectives and activities.  The Center is also a place where people on campus can obtain the services and amenities necessary in an institution of higher education.

Certain principles guide the Center’s design and operation.  These include:

Student Centered:  While the Center serves many constituencies, in all it does the needs and interests of students remain the top priority.  Students play an integral role in oversight and operation of the facility as well.

A Place to See and Be Seen:  As the primary gathering place for the Great Bay community it is imperative that is easily accessible and is a place where interaction is facilitated and people want to be.

Sustainability:  This principle has two dimensions: environmental and economic.  The design, construction and operation of the facility will maximize the degree to which it is environmentally friendly and minimize its “carbon footprint”.  In addition, strategies to minimize cost, which do not impact quality, will be continuously considered.  Finally, the Center must develop revenue generating capacity in order to off-set costs and maintain affordability.

Multi-functional:  The Center aspires to perform many roles and functions in a limited amount of space.  Consequently, design and operation will need to create areas within the Center which are flexible and adaptable to our many current and evolving needs.