Health and Wellness

Fitness Programs

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing is a popular training program that is a fun, action-packed workout that combines martial arts and boxing. You get a challenging cardiovascular and full body workout as you kick, punch, block and move in each Cardio Kickboxing class.

Zumba is a dance-based fitness class that uses a fusion of Latin and International rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. It includes both cardio and resistance training components designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. Zumba is designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels, class participants at any level can start Zumba right away.

Biggest Loser Challenge
The Biggest Loser Challenge is a partnership with the Freshmen Surgical Technology Class and Student Life to promote a healthy lifestyle at Great Bay Community College. This challenge is open to all GBCC staff, faculty and students. Lose weight and gain points throughout the semester by participating in group exercise classes, The Walking Club, weekly weigh-ins and workshops. Prizes will be awarded!

For more information on joining the Biggest Loser Challenge email Allyson Britton in Student Life at

Personal Counseling Services

Great Bay Community College personal counseling services are designed for students who can benefit from short-term mental health intervention and to teach students how to identify and successfully achieve their educational, career, and life goals.  Free, confidential, short-term and crisis intervention individual counseling services are offered to all GBCC students. Referrals can be made to local mental health professionals. The cost incurred for referral to a local mental health professional is the responsibility of the student. All GBCC faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office with concerns about students.

In the event of a mental health emergency call 911 or the nearest hospital emergency department. If you are not an GBCC student, faculty or staff member, administrator, parent or alumni, please contact the counseling center where you are a student or your local mental health center for additional help or information.

Confidentiality is maintained in keeping with ethical and legal standards. Your visits and conversations do not become part of any other GBCC record. There are, however, legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality. These include:

notification of relevant others when a counselor judges that a client is in immediate danger to self or others, as for example, in the case of suicide or homicide;
any incidence of suspected child, elder or incapacitated adult abuse, neglect, or maltreatment in order to protect the children, elderly, or incapacitated person(s) involved; and in legal cases, clinicians or clinical records may be subpoenaed by the court.

Written authorization will be obtained from you before disclosure of confidential information. Information regarding students is shared with the Vice President of Student Affairs as needed for case consultation. Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have about confidentiality with the counselor.