Student Leadership Institute

The mission of the Student Leadership Institute is to facilitate the development of leadership skills among students.  Student  have an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs that focus on developing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. 

The SLI operates under the following key assumptions:

  • Leadership is concerned with effecting change on behalf of others and society
  • Leadership is collaborative
  • Leadership is a process rather than a position
  • Leadership is value-based
  • Leadership skills can be learned.  (All students are potential leaders)

The goals of the SLI are to provide programs that:

  • Prepare students to assume leadership roles on campus, in the community, and in the workplace.
  • Facilitate positive social change at the college and in the community.  That is, to undertake action that will help the college and community to function more effectively and humanely.
  • Expose students to a variety of cultural experiences that will allow them to gain a better understanding of their community and the world. 
  • Improve students “soft skills” that are needed to be a successful leader including but not limited to effective communication, critical thinking, group process, and goal setting.
  • Enhance student learning and development; more specifically, to develop in each student participant greater:
    • Self-Knowledge: understanding of one’s talents, values, interests, especially as these relate to the student’s capacity to provide effective leadership
    • Leadership Competence: the capacity to mobilize oneself and others to serve and work collaboratively.
    • Active Citizenship: to encourage students to realize their potential to impact their community through volunteerism and service-learning.

For more information about the Student Leadership Institute contact Michael Fischer at