Students Highlighting Outstanding Work

A day dedicated to showcasing our student's achievements. All worthy projects or assignments from any curriculum or class can be shaped for presentation into one of these 3 forums.

Monday, April 16, 2018
Student Presentations & Performances
12:00am - 1:00pm

Your Fall Faculty will be nominating students from their classes to turn their class research and projects into presentations for the 5th Annual S.H.O.W event 

Through our Distinguished Leader Scholarship Awards, scholarships will be awarded to up to 15 judged presentations from the Project Poster and Multi Media presentations. These Scholarships could be applied at GBCC or at a Transfer institution.
All students participating in S.H.O.W. can earn points toward a GBCC STAR Scholarship and will be entered into a raffle for an iPad.

Will you be working on?

  • Research projects that are based on a question or hypothesis?
  • Long term Projects and assignments that resulted in some individual interpretations, analysis, or demonstrations of understanding or arrival at some conclusions?
  • Long term projects that required student to create a product: computer program, creation of a graphic design; video, or program?
  • Long term or comprehensive projects that require problem solving and trouble shooting?
  • Poetry, Music, or Dramatic scene performances?  


Contact: Diane King, S.H.O.W. Coordinator djking@ccsnh.edu (or one of the individual forum coordinators or your course instructor)

  1. ?RESEARCH or PROJECT POSTER DISPLAY Forum Coordinator: Kim Williams kwilliams@ccsnh.edu and Rick Walters rwalters@ccsnh.edu
  2. MULTIMEDIA Forum Coordinator: Lee Kenyon lkenyon@ccsnh.edu
  3. PERFORMANCE Forum Coordinator: Rick Walters rwalters@ccsnh.edu