NURS200G - Advanced Placement Seminar

Credits: 3

This course provides a brief review of the following: students learn the roles of the Associate Degree Nurse as a provider and manager of care and member of the discipline of nursing. Students develop intellectual, interpersonal and psychomotor competencies to assess clients with common actual or possible alterations in health. The roles of the nurse, interpersonal relationship, life-span development, ethical legal standards, and nursing process are basic concepts to the practice of nursing for the Associate Degree Nurse. The eleven Functional Health Patterns organize the study of concepts common to a basic knowledge of the client’s state of wellness and possible or actual alterations in health. Assessment and review of first level clinical skills will be covered in this course. The Learning Laboratory provides opportunities to practice nursing skills in simulated activities. 


Prerequisites: successful completion of the ATI LPN Step Assessment: LPN to RN examination, BIOL110G and BIOL120G with a “C+” or better, PSYC110G, PSYC210G and permission of nursing faculty. .

Required course for