WELD200G - Advanced Welding Technologies

Credits: 6

The purpose of the Advanced Welding Technologies course is to utilize the student’s skills that were created in the Intermediate Welding course for certification opportunities as well as in manufacturing and repair situations. This course will provide the student with the techniques and manipulative skills for welding pipe and plate to code requirements as well as incorporate fabrication techniques, equipment, specifications, and basic metallurgy, use of associated cutting processes such as Plasma Arc, Air Carbon Arc, mechanized equipment, material identification on alloys, destructive and non-destructive testing methods, welding defects and discontinuities, and distortion control methods. This course will provide the training necessary to weld exotic materials such as aluminum, fabricate to code environments, and proper repair practices following the American Welding Society standards and specifications used throughout the industrial workforce. This course will create the desired advanced employability skills that are required in today’s manufacturing job market. 


Required course for