Insurance Industry Certificate

Be part of an industry that touches every aspect of modern life!

  • Protecting people from the unknown
  • Protecting businesses - from disasters, litigation, losses and other events that can quickly cripple them should they occur
  • Start or advance a career in the worldwide multi-billion dollar property and casualty insurance industry – a safe bet for job growth, job security and upward mobility
  • Earn industry certifications through The Institutes and advance your career!

Insurance Industry Certificate Information Sheet

Learn more about the many careers in the insurance industry

Course Curriculum

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
NCBU120G Introduction to Property & Casualty Insurance Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
NCBU121G Ethics Guidelines for Insurance Professionals Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
NCBU124G Property and Liability Insurance Principles Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
NCBU122G Personal Insurance Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
NCBU123G Commercial Insurance Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
Total Credits Non Credit

Typical Job Opportunities

Career Possibilities:

  • Adjusters, appraisers and investigators
  • Analysts and underwriters
  • Brokers and sales agents
  • Claims and policy processing clerks
  • Policy issuance and financial clerks
  • Raters
  • Management career track

Earnings Potential:
May 2011 Annual Mean Wage Estimates

  • Insurance Claims & Processing Clerks: $37,190
  • Claims Adjusters, Examiners & Investigators: $59,260
  • Insurance Underwriters: $72,630
  • Insurance Sales Agents: $78,000
  • Management Occupations: $131,580

US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Openings:

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