Machine Tool and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology

Training Program

Consider the parts of a toaster, such as the metal or plastic housing or the lever that lowers the toast. These parts, and many other metal, composite and plastic products, are produced by machines that are controlled by operators and computers. In fact, machine and CNC operators play a major role in producing most of the consumer products on which we rely daily.

Machine setters, or setup workers, prepare the machines prior to production, perform initial test runs producing a part, and adjust or make minor repairs to the machinery during its operation. Machine operators primarily monitor the machinery during its operation; sometimes they load or unload the machine or make minor adjustments to the controls.

Computer control operators use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. These machines are most commonly used in industries where precision is imperative. CNC machines operate by reading the code included in a computer-controlled module, which drives the machine tool and performs the functions of forming and shaping a part.

Machine Tool & CNC Technology Information Sheet


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Program Courses

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
NCAM100 Introduction to Machine Tool & Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology
Classroom , Lab , Total
NCAM200 Advanced Machine Tool & Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology
Classroom , Lab , Total
Total Credits Non Credit

Typical Job Opportunities

The employment opportunities for skilled Operators and Technicians in the Seacoast area in the Metal Manufacturing Industry are projected to grow between 3.9% and 5.5% over the next few years. These jobs pay between $12.37 and $24.58 per hour and are available now. Employers can improve the skills of existing workers and take advantage of the NH Job Training Fund. Individual workers can improve their skills and marketability. An Intro course and an Advanced level course are available at the Richard W. Creteau Regional Technology Center in Rochester.

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