Outdoor Power Equipment


Outdoor power equipment and other small engine technicians service and repair lawnmower, garden tractors, hedge trimmers, snow-blowers, snowmobiles and chain saws. They also work on portable generators and go-carts. 

When a piece of equipment breaks down, techniques are used to diagnose the source and extent of the problem. A skilled technician is able to diagnose mechanical, fuel, and electrical problems and to make repairs quickly. Quick and accurate diagnosis requires problem-solving ability and a thorough knowledge of the equipment’s operation.

Program Courses

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
NCPE001G Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Small Engine Repair Non-credit
Classroom , Lab , Total Non-credit
Total Credits Non Credit

Typical Job Opportunities

Job prospects are expected to be excellent for those who complete formal training programs. Employers prefer technicians that have knowledge of multiple types of engines and emissions-reducing technology as increased regulation demands. Median wages for 2009 $22.55 hourly.
US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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