Social Media Strategist Certification Preparation Course


Become a certified Social Media Strategist through the National Institute of Social Media training and exam:

Examine how social media has changed the way we interact with our world. Crossing geographies, industries and cultures, the capacity of its use is ever expanding.

Acquire the core principles, skills and methodologies in the application of social media across industries that are essential for success.

Social Media Strategist Certification Preparation Course

Course Curriculum

The National Institute for Social Media (NISM) Certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) is qualified to lead organizations forward in social media through the implementation and maintenance of a social media strategy. The following content domains defined by the current NISM Industry Advisory Committee Professional Job Study are included in the curriculum and assessed in the exam.

Strategic Planning
Understand broad strategies and visions for your organization, and then drill down to specific tactics and tools. Strategic planning is where the foundation is set for social media.

Compliance, Governance, Research & Analysis
Create company policies that include: social media use, employee compliance, administrative procedures for governance, communication and reporting.

Project Management
Designate who will be participating in your organization’s social media interactions and delegate activities to those with applicable skill sets. Develop daily action plans to ensure a disciplined approach to social media activities involving collaboration and consistency.

Marketing and Communications
Identify who is in your core audience, segment your core audience, identify what social media content your audience perceives as valuable and determine the methods that your core audience prefers to interact with the organization.

Community Management
Ensure that the two-way online communication between your organization and its customers/stakeholders always flows smoothly. Foster a sense of excitement about your organization within the social space and react quickly and appropriately to unexpected situations.

Research and Analysis
Identify who or what influences customer buying behavior. Monitor social media of the competition, research trending industry topics, posts, blog and other content, identify potentially useful social media tools and summarize social media work in regular reports.

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
NCBU125 Becoming a Social Media Strategist
Classroom , Lab , Total
Total Credits Non Credit

Typical Job Opportunities

Job Outlook: 2010 – 2020
Public relations specialists: 23% growth
Public relations managers: 16% growth
Growth of both will be driven by the need for organizations to maintain their public image in a high-information age and with the growth of social media.
-U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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