Advanced Composites Manufacturing Certificate

Advanced manufacturing is part of the state’s largest industry sector, making up 19% of New Hampshire’s economy. The economic impact of jobs in advanced manufacturing far exceeds that of jobs in other industries. The Advanced Composites Manufacturing program at Great Bay prepares participants with skills and knowledge required for jobs in the high growth fields of composites manufacturing and aerospace. The program is offered at the College’s Advanced Technology & Academic Center in Rochester, NH. Introductory courses provide opportunities for students to experience working in a modern, clean, hands-on training lab while learning and applying skills critical for success. In addition to a mechanical aptitude, students interested in the program should have keen attention to detail and demonstrate a desire for quality. They must also enjoy learning in a hands-on way and working as part of a team. The program consists of two levels and can be completed in 6 months. The introductory level is designed to provide students with an overview of advanced composites manufacturing and to help them select an area of specialization based on interest, ability, and job outlook. During Level 2 training, students will complete general fundamental manufacturing courses and concentrated courses of study leading to machine operator certificates with one of 8 specializations:

  • Paint Operator
  • Weaving Technician and Preform Finishing Technician
  • Resin Transfer Molding Technician
  • Bonding and Finishing Operator
  • Quality Inspection and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Technician
  • Composites CNC Milling and Set-Up Operator
  • Composites Repair Technician
  • High Performance Composites Fabrication

Many students will enter the workforce after completing level 2. They may continue to learn as they earn by studying in either technical or leadership tracks. A leadership path could provide opportunities to be become a team leader within their specialization. A technical path could lead to increased skill level and potential certification by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers as a Certified Manufacturing Technologist.


Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
ACM110 Introduction to Advanced Composites 2 3 3
Classroom 2, Lab 3, Total 3
ACM115 Applied Math & Measurement for Manufacturing 1 2 2
Classroom 1, Lab 2, Total 2
ACM120 Technical Blueprint Reading 0 3 1
Classroom 0, Lab 3, Total 1
ACM210 Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing 3 2 4
Classroom 3, Lab 2, Total 4
ACM230 Manufacturing Ethics 1 0 1
Classroom 1, Lab 0, Total 1
BUS210 Organizational Communications 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
CIS110 Introduction to Computers 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
Total Credits 17

Concentration (Students must select one elective below)

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
ACM250 Paint Operator 0 3 1
Classroom 0, Lab 3, Total 1
ACM251 Weaving Technician and Preform Finishing 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
ACM252 Resin Transfer Molding Technician 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
ACM253 Bonding and Finishing Operator 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
ACM254 Quality Inspection and CMM Operator 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
ACM255 Composites CNC Milling and Set-up Operator 0 8 4
Classroom 0, Lab 8, Total 4
ACM256 Composites Repair Technician 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
ACM257 High Performance Composites Fabrication 0 4 2
Classroom 0, Lab 4, Total 2
Total Credits 18-21

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