Biotechnology Certificate

Biotechnology is a subject area that has enormous implications for the future of the 21st century. It already has a significant impact on our lives, and will continue to revolutionize the ways in which we diagnose and treat disease, lengthen the life span, feed the planet, and remediate the environment. Our nationally recognized Biotechnology program prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the biotechnology industry. Current graduates may be found in a variety of biotechnology companies, working as Lab Technicians, Manufacturing Associates, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Technicians, and as Validation Consultants.


  1. Complete an application for the program.
  2. Provide proof of high school completion or equivalent.
  3. Provide an official copy of prior college transcripts, if appropriate.
  4. Successful completion of high school algebra, biology and chemistry with a grade of C or better
  5. Placement into ENGL110G or higher

Certificate Courses

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
BTEC105G Introduction to Biotechnology 3 3 4
Classroom 3, Lab 3, Total 4
CIS110G Introduction to Computers 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
CIS107G Essentials of Computer Literacy 2 4 4
Classroom 2, Lab 4, Total 4
*Higher level CIS course may be substituted
MATH150G College Algebra 4 0 4
Classroom 4, Lab 0, Total 4
** Higher level MATH class may be substituted
BIOL108G General Biology I 3 3 4
Classroom 3, Lab 3, Total 4
CHEM110G Introduction to Chemistry 3 3 4
Classroom 3, Lab 3, Total 4
BTEC210G Biotechnology Research 2 6 4
Classroom 2, Lab 6, Total 4
BTEC220G Biomanufacturing 2 6 4
Classroom 2, Lab 6, Total 4
Total Credits 27

Curriculum Recommendations
A higher level math class may be substituted for MATH150G; however, students planning to transfer are recommended to follow the Calculus sequence of Math courses.

Still not sure?

Contact one of the Program Faculty or an Admissions Representative to learn more about the program.