Computer Numeric Control Certificate

This certificate is designed to prepare participants for jobs as computer-controlled milling machine operators for metal and plastic. Courses are taught over 2 terms, with the first term being an 8 week term covering foundation skills and prerequisites for the CNC course. The next term provides basic skills, including milling, inspection, and computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing. Courses in this certificate prepare students for entry level jobs as CNC operators.


Complete an application for the program.
Provide proof of high school completion or equivalent.
Provide an official copy of prior college transcripts, if appropriate.
Accuplacer testing for math and computer.

Health and Safety Considerations

This program includes work in a manufacturing lab where potentially hazardous materials are used. Students will be taught industry standards for safety and will be expected to follow all safety procedures for material handling. Personal protective equipment must be worn. Students will provide their own safety boots or shoes. 

This program includes work in a manufacturing lab and requires participants to physically perform functions that require the following:

  • Normal vision for reading instructions and for performing tasks, including inspecting parts for quality (corrective vision is acceptable).
  • Mobility and strength for performing tasks that require reaching, walking, standing, and safely lifting up to 20 lbs.
  • Ability to hear sounds of equipment, for equipment operation and safety.  

Transfer Credit Policy

In addition to Great Bay transfer credits policies, transfer of courses in the CNC program will be evaluated by the department chair on an individual basis. 

Dual Enrollment

Students enrolled in the CNC Certificate program may elect to enroll in the Associate Degree in Technical Studies. Dual enrollment is contingent upon active or graduate status of the certificate.  Completion of the CNC certificate satisfies the requirement for the technical specialty core of the Technical Studies degree. 

Fall Semester

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
ACM120G Technical Blueprint Reading 1 2 2
Classroom 1, Lab 2, Total 2
MANF135G Technical Math for Manufacturing 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
* May substitute with ACM110G or ACM115G
ACM230G Manufacturing Ethics 1 0 1
Classroom 1, Lab 0, Total 1
Total Credits 6

Spring Semester

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
MFG112G Topics in Manufacturing 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
ACM254G Quality Inspection and CMM Operator 3 2 3
Classroom 3, Lab 2, Total 3
ACM255G CNC Milling and Set-up Operator 4 4 6
Classroom 4, Lab 4, Total 6
MANF225G Solid Modeling (CAD/CAM) 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
Total Credits 15

CNC Technical Electives

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
MANF260G Advanced Print Reading & GD&T 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
MANF266G CNC Programming 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
MANF267G Work Holder and Fixture Design 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
ACM265G Multi Axis CNC Milling 2 4 4
Classroom 2, Lab 4, Total 4
Total Credits

Total Overall Credits : 21

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