Medical Office Administrative Assistant Certificate

Medical office assistants perform administrative tasks to keep the offices of health practitioners running smoothly. The duties of medical assistants vary from office to office, depending on the location and size of the practice and the practitioner’s specialty. In small practices, medical assistants usually do many different kinds of tasks, handling administrative and clinical duties and reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. Those in large practices tend to specialize in a particular area, under the supervision of department administrators. The Medical Office Administrative Assistant program focus is on the administrative duties. Program only starts in the fall semester.

Medical office administrative assistants update and file patients’ medical records, fill out insurance forms, and arrange for hospital admissions and laboratory services. They also perform tasks less specific to medical settings, such as answering telephones, greeting patients, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, and handling billing and bookkeeping.

Medical office administrative assistants deal with the public; therefore, they must be neat and well groomed and have a courteous, pleasant manner and they must be able to put patients at ease and explain physicians’ instructions. They must respect the confidential nature of medical information.

According to the department of Labor, employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 34% between 2008 and 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations.


  1. Complete an application to the program.
  2. Provide proof of high school completion or equivalent.
  3. Take placement testing for computers and reading. Students must place into College Level reading


  1. Basic computer skills
  2. Good manual dexterity
  3. Sufficient vision for reading information
  4. Critical thinking ability
  5. Ability to communicate well as a professional in a health facility
  6. The ability to work independently


Transfer Credit Policy

In addition to Great Bay transfer credit policies, transfer of courses in Medical Office Administrative Assistant program more than ten years old will be evaluated by the program coordinator on an individual basis.


Fall Semester

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
AHLT110G Medical Terminology 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
AHLT112G Pathophysiology for Allied Health 3 2 4
Classroom 3, Lab 2, Total 4
MOAA120G Medical Office Administrative Assistant 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
Total Credits 10

Spring Semester

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
MOAA130G Medical Coding I 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
MOAA210G Medical Coding II 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
CIS110G Introduction to Computers 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
CIS107G Essentials of Computer Literacy 2 4 4
Classroom 2, Lab 4, Total 4
Total Credits 9-10

Summer Semester

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
MOAA212G Insurance for the Medical Office 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
MOAA220G Advanced Coding 2 0 2
Classroom 2, Lab 0, Total 2
Total Credits 5

Total Overall Credits : 24-25

Still not sure?

Contact one of the Program Faculty or an Admissions Representative to learn more about the program.