Digital Media Technology Associate in Science


The Associate Degree of Science in Digital Media Technology requires core computer technology and general education courses.  Students will gain a depth of knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of graphic design, web design and animation courses using industry standard software.  The program enables students to build their design and technology skills to prepare for an entry level career in graphic design for print and digital communication, as well as offer options for transfer to a four-year program. The program requires a 1 credit portfolio capstone course.  Courses are offered on a rotating semester basis and many courses are delivered in a hybrid format.  A basic understanding of computers, in both Windows and Macintosh platforms and an appreciation for design is desirable for success.  Students should work with their advisor to plan course selections to optimize program completion time.


Technical Standards
Students who enroll in the program should comprehend the English language, both oral and written, and should have the ability to communicate effectively to gather and convey information. They should be able to sit at a computer workstation and stay on task for extended periods of time, and be able to replicate teacher-demonstrated procedures. They should apply principles, concepts, and procedures for industry standards, behave appropriately in both self-directed and shared learning environments, and perform algebraic calculations.

Transfer Credit Policy
In addition to Great Bay transfer credit policies, transfer of courses in Computer Technologies more than five years old will be evaluated by the program coordinator on an individual basis.

General Education Courses

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
FYE101 First Year Seminar 1 0 1
Classroom 1, Lab 0, Total 1
ENGL110 College Composition I 4 0 4
Classroom 4, Lab 0, Total 4
SOC120 Society and Technological Change 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
English Elective 3
Classroom , Lab , Total 3
Lab Science Elective 4
Classroom , Lab , Total 4
Foreign Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Classroom , Lab , Total 3
Liberal Arts Elective 6
Classroom , Lab , Total 6
MATH150 College Algebra 4 0 4
Classroom 4, Lab 0, Total 4
MATH210 Pre-Calculus 4 0 4
Classroom 4, Lab 0, Total 4
Total Credits 28

*Note:  Students taking the General Pathway and plan to take electives DMT172, DMT195, DMT265, or DMT272 should take the Math and Science required for the Gaming Concentratio

Technical Core Courses

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
CIS112 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
DMT115 Introduction to Graphic Design 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
CIS124 Web Development I 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
DMT125 Introduction to Animation 2 2 3
Classroom 2, Lab 2, Total 3
CIS292 Portfolio Preparation and Presentation 1 0 1
Classroom 1, Lab 0, Total 1
Total Credits 13

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