Technical Studies Associate in Science


The Technical Studies program is designed to support the diverse needs of our community and provide pathways for skilled workers to move to an Associate Degree level by offering credit for the recognized technical specialties. The program allows students to build on the success of their technical expertise by choosing technical electives that complement their Technical Specialty. These will be chosen in consultation with a program advisor. The Technical Studies Degree is intended to be an individualized program of study in an area other than the current degree programs of The College. Students from recognized apprenticeship programs or students with a certificate in a technical field from this college or another college (in an area that we do not offer an Associate Degree) may complete an associate’s degree. Students with industry training and certification equivalent in hours to 24 credits and documented by certification exams may be granted credit for the Technical Specialty core. Credit will be awarded through The College’s Credit for Prior Learning-Experiential Learning process. Fees apply.


  1. Applicants must secure the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs for their intended course of study within the Technical Studies Program.
  2. Complete a paper application indicating Technical Studies as choice of major.
  3. Provide official copies of all high school, GED, and college transcripts.

Program Curriculum

Degree Program

Technical Specialty Core 20-24 Credits

In addition to Experiential Credit evaluated and awarded through a portfolio, Experiential Credit is also awarded for Completed/ Industry Training/Certification; US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships; CCSNH Certificate programs which are not in an area that we offer an Associate Degree. Documented by Certification exams, certificates that show number of hours completed and grades, Apprenticeship Transcripts).

Related Technical Elective Courses 12-16 Credits

Students will choose courses that complement their technical specialty and career pathway. Course selections must follow program pre-requisite requirements. Students will take 12-16 credits depending on how many credits are awarded for their Technical Core.

Open Elective  3 Credits

Students can choose any course that the College offers with a course number of at least 100, provided the student has met the prerequisite; exceptions are courses which have admission to the program as a prerequisite to the course.

General Education Requirements

Course ID Course Theory Lab Credits
ENGL110 College Composition I 4 0 4
Classroom 4, Lab 0, Total 4
ENGL210 Oral Communications 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
ENGL215 Writing Technical Documents 3 0 3
Classroom 3, Lab 0, Total 3
Lab Science Elective 4
Classroom , Lab , Total 4
Foreign Language/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Classroom , Lab , Total 3
Social Science Elective 3
Classroom , Lab , Total 3
Math Elective 3-4
Classroom , Lab , Total 3-4
Liberal Arts Elective 6
Classroom , Lab , Total 6
Total Credits 27

Total Overall Credits : 66

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