MATH084G - Developmental Algebra

Credits: 5

This course is for the student who possesses an adequate background in basic math concepts and skills but who has never taken an algebra course or who needs a refresher course. Topics covered are operations with signed numbers; algebraic expressions; linear equations/inequalities; exponents; square roots; understanding and manipulating formulas; translating and solving word problems; interpreting/analyzing data, factoring polynomials, solving quadratic equations, solving systems of equations, and graphing both linear and quadratic functions. Offered every semester, this course is good preparation for most credit bearing college level math courses. (This course carries 5 credits, which apply to the GPA; however, the credits do not count toward degree requirements.) 


Prerequisite: Satisfactory placement test scores as defined by mathematics faculty, MATH 070G with a C or better, or permission from the instructor.

Required course for