ANTH202G - Introduction to Archaeology

Credits: 3

An introductory course to the field of archaeology.  The course covers a wide variety of concepts and topics relevant to contemporary archaeological practices.  How artifacts are analyzed and how archaeological sites are interpreted are examined.  The large variety of specialized subfields is also examined.  Critical concepts regarding chronology, the application of scientific techniques, methodology and fieldwork are discussed.  The course will delve into a variety of topics explored by archaeologists – human origins and ancestry, populating the world, the prevalence of hunting & gathering subsistence strategies thru time and across the globe.  In addition, the course examines major changes in human development – the domestication of plants and animals, the transition to food production, “settling” down, the increase and concentration of populations along with ancient urbanization.  We will scrutinize the archaeological evidence highlighting the formulation of social and cultural complexity, and evaluate archaeological interpretations recognizing past religion, trade & exchange, warfare, early writing, social stratification, political and economic systems.

Required course for