BUS208G - Leadership Theory and Practice

Credits: 3

Leadership Theory & Practice presents critical leadership and management concepts that have emerged over several decades, with emphasis on contemporary leadership theory. Students will apply theories of leadership through case analysis and enhance personal leadership skills through self-assessment exercises and other activities. Included in the course are recognition of significant leaders, understanding of research findings on critical leadership attributes, and contemporary perspectives on leadership ethics, networking, coaching, organizational culture, diversity, learning organizations, strategic leadership, and crisis leadership. The aim of the course is to help students develop as effective leaders in contexts where they currently serve, and for contexts to which they aspire. Leadership Theory & Practice reflects a belief that leadership involves moral and ethical dimensions, that effective leadership equals good leadership, and that leadership includes service to others, authenticity, and integrity. Prerequisite: BUS110G or permission of Dept. Chair.


BUS110G or permission of Dept. Chair.

Required course for