NURS211G - Nursing III

Credits: 9

The student develops competence to provide and manage care for clients and their families across the life span with common health problems. The student provides support and teaching to the client and family and direct care for the client. The scope of the course includes the Functional Health Patterns: Activity Exercise (part II); Elimination; Cognitive - Perceptual; Self - Perception; Coping-Stress Tolerance; and Value- Belief. Intellectual, interpersonal and psychomotor competencies are further developed. Laboratory Learning provides opportunities to practice increasingly complex nursing skills and basic group skills. Clinical Learning experiences are held in structured adult and psychiatric/mental health or perinatal/pediatrics care settings. 


Prerequisites: Both NURS112G and BIOL120G with grades of “C+” or better, as well as completion of all other first level courses per the Nursing program, and FYE101G. Co-requisites: BIOL210G and ENGL110G. 

Required course for