NURS212G - Nursing IV

Credits: 9

The student develops increased competence and independence to provide and manage care for clients and families with common multisystem health problems across the life span. Nursing content includes the Functional Health Patterns of Coping- Stress; Activity-Exercise; Health Perception-Health Management; Self Perception; Role Relationships; and Cognitive -Perceptual. Additional course content includes leadership skills, health care policy and legislative advocacy. The student selects a Clinical Learning experience from predetermined, faculty-supervised structured health care settings. Laboratory Learning focuses on case presentations involving common, multisystem health problems, ethical decision making, and health care trends. Clinical Learning experiences are provided for the student in advanced medical surgical nursing settings and community health. 


Prerequisites: Both NURS211G and BIOL210G with grades of “C+” or better, and ENGL110G. 

Required course for