SPAN120G - Spanish II

Credits: 4

This course is a continuation of the introductory Spanish course. For students who have had the equivalent of one year of high-school Spanish or one semester of college Spanish. The course is designed for students whose learning objectives and needs are in any of the following categories: for Spanish- language students, for business purposes, as well as for travelers. The emphasis is to consolidate and reinforce the language skills acquired in Spanish I, or equivalent, and to continue building communicative skills and cultural competency. The course continues to offer a comprehensive review of basic first-term grammar structures, while developing proficiency and advancement in communicative skills concentrating on the dynamic application of the living language taught through dialogue, phonetics, and vocabulary. A strong grammar foundation and other essential language skills are taught through actual phrases and sentences, helping the student develop an instinctive sense of the correct usage. Language laboratory activities are part of the course reinforcing class content. These objectives will be achieved through the following approaches: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture. 


Prerequisite: SPAN110G or equivalent. (Fulfills Foreign Language requirement.)

Required course for