Massage Therapy Clinic


Over the years, Massage Therapy has become integral to conventional healthcare and is frequently used in sports medicine, hospitals, physical therapy, physicians’ offices, as well as in the chiropractic offices, spa/resort settings, gyms, and acupuncture clinics. Our clinic is a learning facility. The environment is as close to a professional setting as we can possibly make it with the resources we have and the students are still learning proper technique. Each massage is 55 minutes. 

Summer 2017 Appointment Times (effective May 30th)

  • Tuesdays first appointment will be at 1:30pm last  appointment begins at 4:00pm.
  • Wednesday Evenings first appointment will be at 5:15pm last appointment begins at 7:45pm.
  • Fridays first appointment will be at 11:15am last appointment begins at 3:00pm.
  • Saturday's first appoitment will be at 10:15am last appoitment of the day begins at 12:45 pm.

Due to the large number of student therapists available the limit has been changed to one session per week.  Specific students may be requested once per month.  Please remember that because we are an educational institution we are not allowed to discriminate against our students based on gender, therefore we do not take requests based on the gender of the student. Please note that the end of the term has less availability due to many of the students completing their hours early. One Stop is closed after 4pm. If you bring cash for payment please bring correct change as we are not allowed to carry cash in the clinic. You may also pay by check. All appointments received prior to 4pm MUST be paid for at One Stop and the receipt must be presented at the clinic at time of service. We ask that you kindly give us 24 hours notice in case of cancelation. Last minute cancelations and "No Shows" will result in permanent loss of clinic use.


  • $5 for Great Bay Community College Students with valid student ID
  • $30 for General Public

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