Department of Business Studies & Computer Technologies

Mission Statement

The Department of Business Administration is nationally accredited by ACBSP, focused on delivering quality, marketable and transferable education, and inspired by innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. This is accomplished by a team of professionally trained and academically credentialed faculty that is dedicated to a learning environment that maximizes the potential of every student. Faculty consistently strives for excellence by continuous improvement in teaching and learning, by employing technology, adapting to new learning tools and engaging students in critical thinking.

Department Programs

Vision of the Department

To have a reputation for delivering high quality curricula and programs, preparing and graduating exceptional students for transfer or career tracks and be viewed as entrepreneurial and innovative in the educational process. The Department of Business Administration is acknowledged by its stakeholders as having achieved excellence, as measure by the Baldridge Standards. The Baldridge Standards evaluates the schools Student Learning results, Student and Stakeholder focus results, Faculty and Staff focus results, and the Organizational Effectiveness results.

  • A Focus on Teaching Excellence
  • Encompass All Degree Programs
  • An Emphasis on Quality
  • Honorary Societies for You
  • Two-Year and Four-year Schools Working Together
  • Student Benefits include Transfer, Credibility and Recognition by Regulatory Bodies

What is ACBSP all about?

ACBSP is an organization of business degree-granting educational institutions and select corporate members dedicated to pursuing the highest quality standards in business education around the world. ACBSP is the global leader enhancing the quality of business schools and programs focused on teaching excellence. ACBSP develops, promotes, and recognizes best practices that contribute to continuous improvement of business education and accredits qualified business programs.