Distinguished Leaders 2015 Risky Business


Our Distinguished Leaders event raises funds that assist dozens of students every year to gain a college education and training for New Hampshire’s workforce. Over the last three years, through corporate and individual generosity, we have raised over $848,000 in support of this effort, as well as established over 30 new industry partnerships. This year, we seek to raise at least $500,000.

Our goal is to provide an affordable and accessible college education to help build the workforce in New Hampshire. Each year, 3,000-4,000 students enroll in the college; over 250 students graduate yearly in a variety of fields and 300 or more transfer onto four-year institutions. We specialize in training New Hampshire’s students (90%) that stay in the state to support the New Hampshire industry and economy. Over 75% of these students request financial assistance in order to make their education and long-term goals a reality. 

Event Details:

Thursday, October 8, 2015 
Wentworth by the Sea Hotel
All inquiries please email Joan Belladue

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Note: When you donate you will be redirected to the Community College Foundation where you will have to select Great Bay Distinguished Leaders' from the drop down menu.