Meet Our Alumni

male student with glassesJeff Mitchell
Graduate, Class of 2015
Jeff's Story
"I was really concerned that I would have difficulty fitting into a college atmosphere after so many years away from school."

two female student dressed in scrubsSamantha Pelletier
Graduate, Class of 2013
Samantha's Story
"I was already offered a per-diem job at my hospital and was on the list for a full-time career."

male stuent with black shirt and jacketDavid Cimmino
Graduate, Class of 2015
David's Story
"Those words made me feel like I was looked at as a scrub and not just a student.”

male studentTravis Preston
Graduate, Class of 2015
Travis' Story
"When I first walked into the center in Rochester, I was blown away."

male student outsideBrian Dobson
Graduate, Class of 2011
Brian's Story
"The connections, friends and skills I learned from my time at Great Bay Community College have been invaluable to me."

female student in lab coatJackie Lemaire
Graduate, Class of 2013
Jackie's Story
"I have an advantage over other undergraduates because of my research at Great Bay Community College."

female student at graduationSara Frost
Graduate, Class of 2014
Sara's Story
"It is a lot of work but I am so proud of myself.”

female student with two sonsKerri Uyeno
Graduate, Class of 2014
Kerri's Story
"I was excited right off because I knew what the on-the-job trainers were talking about from the very start."

?female studentLeah McFarland
Graduate, Class of 2012
Leah's Story
"They made the big challenges feel so small and reminded me to take things one step at a time."

female student leaning against red wallAlli Puchlopek
Alli's Story
"I had a rebellious streak in high school."

male student standing in front of leaves

Eric Pedersen
Eric's Story
"I've been accepted into Franklin Pierce University's  Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program."