Eric Pedersen


e-pedersen.jpgMy name is Eric Pedersen and I am a former student of Great Bay Community College.  I am writing to thank President Arvelo, the faculty and staff of Great Bay Community College for giving me the opportunity to attend your school to pursue my dream of becoming a physician assistant.

As a teenager in college, I did not know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I double majored in geology and environmental studies at a small liberal arts college, which only confirmed that I did not want to be a geologist. Along with the lack of passion that I had for my classes came a lack of drive and discipline to do well.  After graduating and then working for a non-profit conservation organization in northern New Hampshire and volunteering on my town's  ambulance and fire department for six years, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.  With a lackluster undergraduate GPA, I needed to take nine pre-requisite courses to even consider applying to physician assistant schools, which was an overwhelming and daunting challenge to consider.  After meeting with Erica Brown in the summer of 2012 I learned about the many opportunities and resources available at Great Bay and was assured that I could take all of the classes needed to make myself a knowledgeable and competitive applicant.  With this assurance, I quit my job that I loved, moved to a new and unfamiliar city, and fully committed to my goal.

With trepidation about taking multiple chemistry and biology courses, I was relieved to have such outstanding professors who love the material they teach, present it in an interesting and organized way and who are always available to ensure the material is learned.  In particular, Mike Gordon, Kim Williams and Deb Audino deserve the highest praises, as they are dedicated educators who challenged me and taught me to love science again. Because of their support, I was able to progress through my classes, gain confidence in myself, and learn that my goal was attainable.

While finishing my last two classes at Great Bay, I applied to physician assistant schools and am happy to say that I've been accepted into Franklin Pierce University's  Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program which I will be attending this fall.

I am proud of my accomplishments at Great Bay Community College but much of the credit is due to your faculty and the system put in place for students like me.  Your school works and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of learning from thoughtful and intelligent educators dedicated to helping so many of us achieve our dreams.

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