Sara Frost '14

Sara, a 2014 graduate of Project SEARCH at Great Bay Community College, went on to accept a full time position at Boston’s Children’s Hospital in the shipping & receiving department. 

s_frost.jpgLeaving the house at 4:30 in the morning to catch the train, then the subway in Boston, Sara starts her workday at 7:30. After sorting incoming packages in order by floor, Sara delivers to all thirteen floors and departments. “I run all over the hospital” Sara mentions. “One floor really likes me, whenever I’m there they always yell ‘she’s here!’

Sara uses what she learned and experienced in Project SEARCH in her position, stating the importance of being on time, having a positive attitude, and being professional. “You have to be nice and friendly with people. I like getting to know the doctors and staff but I always remind myself to be professional,” she emphasized. 

A supervisor in the department where Sara works had this to say:  “The team is amazing, but there is one very happy and wonderful standout…. Sara arrives each day with a smile.  In her role of delivering packages, I have to say Sara has been spot on.  Not one lost package, not one misplaced item.  All of us realize that having an employee like Sara is important.”

Although she has long days, often not getting home until 7 or 8 in the evening, Sara boasts: “I love it here! I love my job. I was so happy when I got this job. It is a lot of work but I am so proud of myself because I work super hard on everything.”

Project SEARCH Seacoast New Hampshire is a workforce training program through Great Bay Community College in collaboration with Portsmouth Regional Hospital, the host business site, Community Partners, One Sky Services and NH Vocational Rehabilitation.

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