ACM for High School Graduates

Advanced composites manufacturing (ACM) is  high tech, involves working in clean environments and requires specific training. The composites industry is expected to experience substantial growth during 2014-2019, with new developments in some industry sectors. 

Does the following describe you? 

  • Do you think about how things are made or even search out videos or TV shows?
  • Do you work well with others in a team environment and alone on individual projects?
  • Do you like to learn by doing?  
  • Are you as comfortable in a clean, well-lit workshop as you are in a classroom?

What can you do with a 6 month certificate in Advanced Composites Manufacturing?

Who is going to fill these good jobs?

The curriculum is designed to provide you with the most critical knowledge and skills for good, entry level jobs that will get you started on your career in a high demand field.  Weaving technician, bonding and finishing technician, CNC operator, and quality inspection and coordinate measuring machine operator are some of the jobs you could be prepared for.  As you gain experience and continue to learn, advancement opportunities exist in leadership or technical pathways.

What can you with an Associate Degree with a focus in Composites Manufacturing?

students working in lab

Many employers in advanced manufacturing hire from within the company to fill higher level jobs.   At Great Bay Community College we use your certificate in advanced composites manufacturing as a stackable credential that fills the technical core requirement in the Associate Degree in Technical Studies.  With an advisor, you will select additional courses that support your career goals.  Jobs at this level require more advanced technical skill or leadership skill.  Examples are team leader, value stream leader, fabrication specialist, shift supervisor, buyer, QA/QC inspector, and trainer. 

Are you looking for a way to jump start your career, while getting to work soon? The 6 month certificate in Advanced Composites Manufacturing may be the answer. If a desk job doesn't excite you, you should consider a career in advanced manufacturing. 


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