Manufacturing Specialization

Introductory courses provide opportunities for students to experience working in a modern, clean, hands-on training lab while learning and applying skills critical for success.

Weaving Technician & Preform Finishing

Prepares students for jobs setting up and operating equipment used in 3-D composites fabric weaving, including a Jacquard loom. Topics will include loom operation and maintenance and troubleshooting. Students will learn proper use and documentation of measurement equipment, practice reading specialized engineered drawings and work instructions for weaving, and implement quality assurance procedures

Advanced Materials Technology: Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Concentration

Prepares students for jobs operating the processes of resin transfer molding. Students will learn RTM tool preparation, safe operation of the resin injector, safe operation of the press, and equipment care and maintenance. Students will apply polymer chemistry, physics, curing methods, and other theories presented in Fundamentals of Manufacturing, and will keep a course notebook linking process to theory. 

Advanced Materials Technology: Bonding/Finishing Operator Concentration

Prepares students for jobs operating equipment within the finishing processes for composites manufacturing. Students will learn to perform operations of bonding and vacuum bagging, to run an autoclave and record parameters, and to perform preventive maintenance on equipment. 

Quality Inspector and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Operator

Prepares students for jobs as quality inspectors and CMM operators where they will inspect, test, or measure materials, products, or work for conformance to specifications. Students will use precision measuring instruments as they apply advanced quality inspection methods, processes, and standards. 

Composites Milling/CNC Set-up Operator

Develops the skills needed to use computer numerical control (CNC) to run a milling machine efficiently and within required quality standards. Students will be introduced to Solidworks and Mastercam, will learn the basics of writing CNC code, and will set up and run CNC milling machines. They will maintain cutting tools dedicated to composite manufacturing and perform machine maintenance.

Composites Repair Technician

Provides theoretical and hands-on skills to detect, analyze and repair damage of composites structures. Students will be introduced to different typical failures of composites. Students will design and execute repair plans for different types of damage and bonding failures.  

High Performance Composites

Teaches students to use all the customary materials, tools and equipment for the manufacturing of high performance composites. The course covers composites processes, materials, equipment and supplies. Fundamentals of mechanical behavior of composites are taught. 


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