Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is a service offered by the Center for Academic Planning and Support (CAPS). Advisors work with students at any point in their program in developing academic skills and strategies, as well as organizational and other life management techniques. Specialty advising is available in many areas, and students may work collaboratively with faculty and CAPS advisors around these topics. When appropriate, students are referred to outside agencies for further assistance.

Academic Advising

The goal of advising is to assist students in creating academic plans that will help them achieve their educational goals. Through conversation, assessment, goal setting, and strategic planning, students are empowered to create academic schedules that reflect their interests, skills, and obligations to family, work, and/or community. The process of advising at Great Bay Community College is characterized by communication and connection between the student and his/her advisor. Through a mutual exchange of questions and information, students and advisors share ideas and generate solutions. The advisor-advisee relationship is potentially one of the most significant partnerships a student will experience while at Great Bay. Students are encouraged at all times to seek out their advisor to ask questions, share concerns, get help, plan for the future, or simply to "check-in".

New students, regardless of discipline, work with the CAPS in completing the placement testing and registration process for their first semester. Advising Sessions provide valuable information about college expectations, resources, and developing schedules. Returning students work with their faculty advisor(s) and, in some cases, the Advising Center. During the first 6 weeks of the semester, new students are encouraged to make an appointment with their program advisor to talk about their interests, progress and adjustment to college.