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Monday - Wednesday | 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am - 7:00pm
Friday | 8:00am - 4:00pm

* May vary during breaks. Check college hours for details.

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The goal of academic advising is to assist students in creating academic plans that will help them achieve their educational goals. Through conversation, assessment, goal setting, and strategic planning, students are empowered to create academic schedules that reflect program requirements and take into consideration obligations to family, work, and community.

The process of advising at Great Bay Community College is characterized by communication and connection between the student and his/her advisor. Through a mutual exchange of questions and information, students and advisors share ideas and generate solutions. The advisor-advisee relationship is potentially one of the most significant partnerships a student will experience while at Great Bay. Students are encouraged at all times to seek out their advisor to ask questions, share concerns, get help, plan for the future, or simply to "check-in".

Advising Tutorial for New Students - Please watch prior to your advising appointment.

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Types of Advising

New Students

Upon completion of their placement testing, new students will be assigned to an advising session during which they will work with Advising Center Staff to complete their first semester schedules. The individual advising sessions inform students of college policies, procedures and expectations, as well as college organizations and activities. In subsequent semesters, students will work with their assigned faculty advisors.

Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors have the most information about each major as it relates to career goals; they are also available to assist students with academic issues and support as well as help students prepare for registration after their first semester. All Faculty have posted office hours during which they are available for advising. The Advising Center has a complete list of faculty advisors and their office hours. Some advisors choose to use an online appointment system for scheduling advising sessions.

The Advising Center

The Advising Center is staffed by professional advisors, who are available to assist students with any advising questions they might have, but specifically works with non-matriculated students and Liberal Arts students who have not yet determined a concentration. The Advising Center is also a place you can come to get your questions answered, pick up forms you may need, use the computers to look up classes, and get advice on long-term educational plans. Additionally, you can get assistance from our career and transfer advisor.

Advising Services at our Rochester Campus

Our Advanced Technology and Academic Center (ATAC) in Rochester offers many of the same services that the GBCC Portsmouth campus offers. If you live, work or just happen to be in Rochester or the surrounding areas you will find it convenient to take advantage of admissions services, academic advising, placement testing, and all other One Stop services at ATAC.

Trying to register for classes?
Jenna Anand is available to register Advanced Composite Manufacturing students, Liberal Arts and Non-Matriculated students. However, she can assist all majors with questions and concerns regarding program requirements, course requirements, and scheduling courses. Students who do not fall into the three categories listed are able to meet with Jenna, but will need to seek final permission to register from their Faculty Advisors. Not sure who your Faculty Advisor is? Jenna can help with that too!

Contact the ATAC One Stop at (603) 427-7772 to schedule a meeting with Jenna or go online to