Convocation 2015

7th Annual Convocation
Thursday, September 3rd at 12 Noon
Student Success Center - Gymnasium
Cookout to follow on the patio; sponsored by Student Life

Convocation serves as the "official" opening of the new academic year and the first of many shared experiences at Great Bay Community College.  Convocation provides an opportunity to emphasize and promote community among the membership of the college - including students, faculty and staff and administration. It is both a symbolic and ceremonial tradition that reminds us of our role as an institution of higher education and our commitment to academic excellence and community engagement.

As the “official” opening of the new academic year, Convocation underscores many new beginnings.  For some, it is the beginning of a new journey; for others it is the beginning of a new chapter in the same journey.  We wish you much success along the way. 

This year’s theme:   THE POWER OF 3.


  • There is simplicity in the number 3; it is easy to remember three items, three names, three important dates or three events. 
  • There is strength in the number 3; think of the triangle, the strongest geometric shape. Many structures are built based on the concept of force spread evenly through 3 sides.
  • There is rhythm in the number 3; think of everyday phrases we use:  stop, drop, and roll; ready, set, go; and recycle, reduce, reuse. Rhythm helps us remember.
  • There is harmony in the number of 3; think of 3 things that work together to create the best outcome:  the stop light (red, green, and yellow); 3-pronged plug; and 3 meals a day.  
  • There is balance in the number 3: school, family, and work; heart, mind and soul; and sleep, nutrition and exercise.

What is your power of 3?