Placement Test Preparation

The computerized placement test is required of all* students entering a degree program at Great Bay Community College. This assessment consists of up to four parts: reading comprehension, math, a writing sample, and computer skills. The goal of the assessment is to identify areas of strength and weakness so that appropriate course placement can be determined, particularly in Mathematics and English. Placement outcomes must be reviewed by an advisor prior to course selection and registration.

Many certificates also require placement testing. View the certificate testing requirements to see which ones have placement testing requirements. Students not entering a program (non-matriculated) are still required to take the placement test prior to registration in a Mathematics, English, or computer course, or any course with math or English pre-requisites.

*Students with previous college coursework or SAT/ACT should speak with an Admissions Rep. or CAPS Advisor regarding specific placement needs.

If you are a student with a disability, and have documentation that supports the need for special assistance, please notify the Coordinator for Disability Services in CAPS.

How to Prepare for the Course Placement Test

Although the placement test is not a pass/fail test, you are encouraged to do some review prior to testing, especially in mathematics. Doing your best on the test is important, as it may affect your eligibility for the program or course you desire, and will impact the number of courses you need to take to complete your degree/certificate.

There are a number of ways you can prepare for the test. Please review the following and contact us with any questions:

How to register for the Course Placement Test

  1. Contact Admissions at to discuss any waivers you think you may eligible for and to schedule your testing session.
  2. Register for a testing session here: GBCC Online Appointment Request
  3. Submit $20.00 to the cashier in the One Stop office or pay in advance at 603-427-7610.
  4. Bring a picture ID (such as a license) to the assessment.
  5. Remember, if you are late for your session you will need to reschedule. Please allow enough time to pay and arrive before your session begins.