Computer Skills Placement Preparation

Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013

The Computer Skills Placement portion of the Accuplacer consists of 70 questions on the concepts below. The questions are both hands on and multiple choice.  A great site to review in preparation for this part of the placement test is: When you enter the site, choose the program you’d like to review and then select the 2013 videos and tutorials.

Basic Concepts

  • Application software
  • Computer hardware
  • Internet Vs. World Wide Web
  • E-commerce
  • Computer security
  • Copyright Protection

Information and Communication

  • Searching within the Web browser
  • Saving images on a Web page
  • Sending email
  • Reloading Web pages
  • Accessing home page
  • Adding favorites

Word 2013

  • Navigating commands on the ribbon
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Headers and Footers

Excel 2013

  • Formatting cells
  • Copying formulas/functions
  • Adding formulas/functions
  • The Office button Tabs

Access 2013

  • Primary keys
  • Formatting fields
  • Navigating through records
  • Filtering queries
  • Data types Running queries

PowerPoint 2013

  • Slide layouts
  • Inserting clipart
  • Viewing a slide show