Computer Skills Placement Preparation

Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016

The Computer Skills portion of the placement test consists of 70 questions on the concepts below. The questions are both hands on and multiple choice.  A great site to review in preparation for this part of the placement test is: When you enter the site, choose the program you’d like to review and then select the 2016 videos and tutorials.

Basic Concepts

  • Application software
  • Computer hardware
  • Internet Vs. World Wide Web
  • E-commerce
  • Computer security
  • Copyright Protection

Information and Communication

  • Searching within the Web browser
  • Saving images on a Web page
  • Sending email
  • Reloading Web pages
  • Accessing home page
  • Adding favorites

Word 2016

  • Navigating commands on the ribbon
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Headers and Footers

Excel 2016

  • Formatting cells
  • Copying formulas/functions
  • Adding formulas/functions
  • The Office button Tabs

Access 2016

  • Primary keys
  • Formatting fields
  • Navigating through records
  • Filtering queries
  • Data types Running queries

PowerPoint 2016

  • Slide layouts
  • Inserting clipart
  • Viewing a slide show