Great Bay Community College offers tutoring in a variety of formats through the Center for Academic Planning and Support (CAPS). These services are free of charge if you are enrolled in a credit-bearing class and are an essential part of CAPS. Both peer and professional tutors are employed by CAPS to facilitate learning in a variety of contexts. Students have the option to join a study group, access the Math, Writing, Science and Computer Support Centers, or work one-on-one with an assigned staff member. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students succeed, become independent and interdependent learners, and reach their academic goals.

All appointment tutoring is held on campus, either within CAPS or a designated room on campus. Early in each semester, drop-in times for the Math, Writing, Science, and Computer Skills Centers are posted in CAPS and on the website. Again, tutoring is FREE to students enrolled in credit-bearing courses.

Tutoring Options

  • Math and¬†Writing¬†Drop-In Centers , coordinated by professionals in those fields. Tutoring Schedule-Portsmouth
  • Study Groups facilitated by peer tutors
  • Small Group Tutoring, a group of 3 to 4 students working on same course
  • One-One Tutoring via referral to Tutor Coordinator by faculty or CAPS counselor, or self
  • Video, audio, and software programs for self-study, available at CAPS and covering many academic areas
  • Web Resources, see Internet Study Resources
  • SmartThinking: Online Tutoring
  • Tutor Request Form

Interested in becoming a peer tutor?

CAPS is always looking for qualified students to help others with many subjects. To apply: Tutor Employment Application

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

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Request a Tutoring Appointment

Request a Tutoring Appointment

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