Vision, Mission & Core Values


Great Bay Community College will emphasize student learning and support, and nurture an innovative spirit to be a leading academic institution in New England.


Great Bay Community College expands intellectual and economic opportunity by providing affordable higher education in an environment that embodies excellence, innovation, and collaboration. 

Core Values

Success for Our Students – We are committed to the success of our students by adhering to the highest levels of academic and professional standards. 

Teaching Excellence –We are committed to academic rigor and integrity that assures students a high-quality education that fosters personal and intellectual growth for productive careers and meaningful lives.  

Workplace Culture – We create an environment that continually builds an exceptional community college through shared governance, cross-divisional collaboration, and a commitment to stand together as one college in delivery of our mission.

Creativity and Inquisitiveness – We strive to be a creative and inquisitive community based on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and discovery.

Community Engagement – We meet our mission and improve as an organization through engagement with others in our broader community. 

Civic Engagement - We promote volunteerism and service learning to foster engaged citizenship by integrating classroom learning with community involvement.

Diversity – We recognize and value diversity in its many forms as a representation of the richness of the human experience. 

Citizenship and Sustainability – We pledge to be socially responsible citizens by adopting best practices that lessen our environmental footprint and lead to a healthier environment for all.

Code of Ethics

Our college policies, procedures, decisions and actions are based on the following ethical principles:

  • Responsibility – We accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Fairness – We maintain balance and fairness and ensure equitable treatment.
  • Honesty – We build trusting relationships by being honest and truthful. 
  • Mutual Respect –We accept each other regardless of our differences.
  • Integrity – We maintain integrity by being incorruptible.

Core Attributes

Institutional Objective:  This institution holds the belief that the academic program of each student (in completion of the requirements of the major and the general education requirements) provides the opportunity to develop core attributes that support both personal and professional growth and goal achievement.

  • Communication Skills:  The ability to express ideas, collaborate, and articulate knowledge in a clear, focused, and organized manner.
  • Creativity:  The ability to conceive and express original ideas, perspectives, and solutions.
  • Critical Thinking:  The ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information in a logical manner.
  • Diverse Perspectives:  The ability to examine a concept in contexts and from historical and diverse perspectives other than one’s own, and appreciate diversity required for personal and professional interaction.
  • Information Literacy:  The ability to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use the needed information in an ethical, effective manner (ALA).
  • Quantitative Reasoning:  The application of computational methods and numerical data interpretation to solve problems.
  • Scientific Processes:  The application of scientific methods to gain knowledge and examine the laws, theories, and processes of physical, biological, or social phenomena.
  • Specialized Skills:  The theoretical, ethical, technological, and applied knowledge for career entry and continued professional development.